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Initial Phone Consultation
The design process begins with an initial telephone meeting with the designer to determine your individual design needs, style, and project goals. The designer will use this meeting to assess the scope of the project and to make recommendations for one of the following services. 

An on-site consultation puts you in direct contact with the designer on your home site.

You and the designer will walk your site discussing your specific landscape/garden questions. Notes and thumbnail sketches will be made by the designer to ensure that you understand the informative discussion.


On-site consultation are effective for small areas of a site, broad overview of design possibilities, and landscape maintenance information.


Master planning is a design process utilizing multiple steps resulting in a detailed drafted layout for your total home environment.


Six basic steps are used to formulate the design plan.


  • Initial site consultation

  • Base plan, site analysis

  • Site design concepts

  • Client review

  • Studio design

  • Plan presentation

Coordinated Design

This is a design process based on a team effort of you the client, a landscape contractor and our design services.

Your initial direct contact is with a landscape contractor who will coordinate the design process with the project installation. This can simplify, expedite and help ensure a fully coordinated landscape project for you. 

The landscape contractor incurs the design fees which entitles them to fully utilize the landscape design plans for your Homescape. 


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