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Our Design Palette utilizes both planting and hardscape concept elements to create truly unique design solutions for you. A sample of those design elements include: 


Planting Design: Contemporary, Woodland, Formal, Historic, Hybrid/eclectic, Perennial, Wildlife and Water. 


Hardscape Concept Layout: Drive and walkway, deck and terrace, outdoor lighting, garden pool - waterfall, fence and wall, trellis - arbor - pergola, swimming pool and landscape embellishment.

Background and
  • Nationally Certified Landscape Designer (26 years)

  • State Certified Landscape Designer (41 years)

  • State Certified Landscape Contractor

  • Alabama Certified Nurseryman

  • B.S. Degree, Environmental Studies / Landplanning Concentration

  • Over 40 years of practical hands-on experience

  • Award winning residential designer


When I'm not in the field or at the drawing board, you can often find me out in the forest. Nature provides the inspiration for my life and my work. I hope you will find the same kind of pleasure in your environment by creating a Homescape that reflects your taste. At Environmental Design Consultants, our goal is to help you create that special place.


Go to our contact page  and click on the PDF icon to download our free Client Planning Guide.

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